Dynamite Performance Enhancer Energetic Booster Aphrodisiac Chocolate for Men 24g (0.85oz)

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Dynamite (Dinamit) - Performance Enhancer Energetic Booster Aphrodisiac Chocolate for Men 24g (0.85oz)

Ingredients : Cocoa, Sugar, Cocktail Extract, Ginger Extract, Ginseng Extract, Cocoa Butter
Warnings : Definitely not a drug, it is a food supplement.

Authorization Permit: Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food and Agriculture permitted on 01.02.2014 with TR-06K-016971 registered number.

Usage : 1 piece per day - Take one piece 30 minutes ago before activation. This product will be effective in your body during 36 hours.

Weight : 24g (0.85oz)

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