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Ofçay Turkish Black Tea Zevkine 

Among our highest quality teas produced by Ofçay especially for its consumers, we recommend it for those saying “I want to drink a good tea”. You will perceive Ofçay’s difference and enjoy tea by its naturality, scent and taste.

How do you steep the tea for best taste?

• You should protect your tea from humidity and water.
• When you make tea, use best water (not include more minerals(hard water), Water should be soft, clean
• Do not use aluminum teapot, and heat teapot before use(not very much)
• After add tea into teapot, you should bath it with cool water
• After boiling your water, dont be rash to steep your tea, Tea should be heated with steam of boiling water.
• Before steeping your tea, wait for water to be calm(don't put water on tea when it is boiling)
• NEVER heat well-steeped tea
• After speed tea, you should reduce heater level and wait for steeping your tea well.
• When you transfer your well-steeped tea into glass, First, You should heat your glass with boiling water...

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