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Stamboul Bazaar


Mankind discovered mother-of-pearl thousands of years ago, as a result of admiration for beauty. There is proof indicating the use of mother-of-pearl as an ornament, as a decorative object in Ancient Egypt. Distinctive examples of mother-of-pearl trimmings were found in Sumerian graves in Mesopotamia. Mother-of-pearl craftsmen created countless pieces in Ancient China and India cultivating the pearls themselves for centuries. Mother-of-pearl was embraced by Turks during the reign of Ottoman State. This material had been used extensively in classical Ottoman pieces of art since the 15th century. It can be said that mother-of-pearl has shown major importance in Turkish-Ottoman art in its commonest and most developed form. While mother-of-pearl inlaying was associated with Anatolian wood art, Kündekari in Turkish, at the beginning, it later became an art in itself.

Width   : 28cm
Length : 53cm

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